The roof should be inspected regularly so that you can address the problems that you find on your roof. If you leave your roof unattended for a long time then you might face a lot of issues on your roof. One of the most dangerous roof issues is roof leakage. This can damage the walls of your house and weaken your ceiling. Moreover, you can face electrical damage and attic damage issues if water leaks continuously from your roof. You can contact a professional roofer to repair the water leakage issue.

If you want to hire a trusted Inglewood roofing contractor, then you can contact Dante Roofing. So, let us understand the areas on your roof that show signs of water leakage. 


Skylights facilitate good airflow into your home. You can also install skylights to brighten up your space as they allow ample sunlight to enter your home. But, these are the areas that show signs of water leakage. 

When the weather seals are damaged and the roof becomes damaged due to prolonged sun exposure. Sometimes, your roof gets damaged due to hail storms. Your roof shows signs of leakage at this time. If the glasses of your skylights are damaged, then you will notice leakage in that area. 

Plumbing Vent 

Sometimes, you notice the plumbing vents sticking out of your roof. These vents protect your home’s plumbing trap seals. Basically, these are the pipes that are installed below the drains. 

However, we notice leakage in these areas very often. So, we need to seal these areas with boots to prevent water leakage in your home. These boots are flexible structures and made of rubber. The rubber boot starts to decay over time and gets cracked to allow water to enter your home. 

Roof Valley

The roof valley is formed at the intersection point of two adjacent sections of your roof. These areas often tend to show signs of water leakage when the water comes down your roof. 

Often, snow accumulates in these areas in the winter season. The snow melts in the daytime and again freezes at night to create ice dams, which further cause damage to the metal flashing. 

Thus, your roof gets damaged and shows signs of water leakage in roof valleys. So, you can keep your roof free from dust and debris to maximize the lifespan of your roof. 

Roof Flashing

Roofers use flashing to create a barrier between roofing materials, which helps prevent cracks and leakage. If your roofer has not installed the flashing properly then it might cause leakage issues. 

Your roof might deteriorate during extreme weather conditions like storms and rain if you have weak flashing installed on your roof. If your flashing gets damaged then it will start to show signs of water leakage on your roof. 

Broken shingles 

Sometimes, shingles might be missing or broken due to natural calamities like storms. So, in both cases, you will notice water leakage in your home. You can call a roofing contractor to repair the broken shingles or install new shingles in place of the missing ones. 

This will be the best solution for broken or missing shingles. When you notice water leakage issues in your home, you should understand that your roof shingles are broken and hence need to be repaired. 


Roof leakage can be very dangerous for your house if you do not address this issue as soon as possible. However, you need to take the help of a professional roofer to get the issue of a leaky roof resolved. Moreover, you can get your roof installed once again if the entire roof has got damaged. This will ensure your roof remains protected from extreme weather conditions, dust, and debris.