There are a lot of popular roofing materials available for your home. However, you need to choose a particular roofing material that suits your requirements, the weather conditions of your location, and the availability of roofing material in your area.

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Solar Roofing:

Solar roofing can solve the energy requirement of your home thereby creating energy from sunlight. Hence, they are getting very popular among house owners. People are keen to install solar panels on their roofs to meet the energy needs of their homes.

Many states provide tax depreciation benefits to the house owners who install solar panels on their roofs. However, installing a solar panel can be very costly, but, they will benefit you in the long run thereby decreasing the energy bills of your home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a new-age roofing solution available for your home. They are made of aluminum and are very affordable. They are easy to transport and low maintenance. They do not lose their beauty over time. They are durable and can last up to 70-80 years.

Metal roofing is available in two different variants such as shingles and sheets. You need to use sealants on metal roofing before installing. Also, you can paint them to give them a beautiful look.

Standing Seam and Shingles

You need to install the standing seam metal roofing carefully so that the panels do not ripple to create clean vertical lines. This type of roofing involves a special type of installation process, which makes it very much expensive. Metal shingles mimic the design of slate, asphalt, and wood roofing.

These are less expensive compared to standing seam metal roofing.

Green Roofing:

Green roofing has gained popularity over time and become every house owner’s choice these days. Green roofing has a soil covering and also has plants on it. Hence, it is very eco-friendly as it contributes a lot to the environment by saving energy usage in your home.

However, this type of roofing costs more than other roofing options available for your home. This type of roofing can reflect sunlight and hence keep your home cooler in the summer season.

Thus, it decreases the usage of cooling systems in your home thereby contributing a lot to the environment. 

Asphalt Shingles:

These types of roofing materials are very popular among house owners. They can be available in different colors and are inexpensive compared to other roofing options available for your home. You can install them easily.

However, they are prone to breakage if exposed to extreme rain, wind, or storms. Hence, they are not as durable as other roofing materials.

 Asphalt shingles can last up to 30 years and are hence very much durable. Sometimes, asphalt is mixed with fiberglass and composite material to give it desired colors like brown, red, green, and blue.

Tile Roofing:

These are made of clay and are usually attached to a wooden frame. However, there are other options available for you if you do not like wooden frames. You can choose tile roofs with metal or plastic frames also.

These roofing materials are very durable and last up to several years. Also, they are fire-resistant. 

Shingle Roofing:

These are the most common roofing material as every house owner likes to choose this type of roofing material for their homes. Shingles are made of asphalt, mineral granules, and fiberglass.

You can also get a lot of color options if you choose this type of roofing material for your home. The most important thing about shingles is they are inexpensive and durable.


Your roof not only protects your house from harsh weather conditions but also gives a beautiful structure to your home. Hence, you need to choose the roofing material carefully so that it can sustain all the weather conditions.